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Visiting Hayward Scenic Reserve

Hayward Scenic reserved can be accessed from several streets in the Waiwhetu area. The main entrance is located at the very end of Whites Line East, as shown on the map below

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The image to the right shows the view as you head along Whites Line East, as shown at marker A on this map

The main and easiest to find entrance to the Reserve is located at the top of Whites Line East. There is prominent Hutt City Council "Walkway" signage to guide visitors to the entrance point. Hayward named this entrance "Lomaria" because it entered the bush amid a veritable avenue of the ferns. Lomaria is a name which some people today quite properly do apply to the Blechnum species of New Zealand ferns. However, early settlers here may well have been in the habit of calling New Zealand ferns "Lomaria" because a range of northern hemisphere ferns were commonly known by this name in Britain. During the early years of the Reserve this entrance was at the top of a paddock which ran from the original end of Whites Line East to the bush entrance. Hayward grazed cows and horses in this field.

There is another entrance off Mawson Street which can be difficult to find. It is located behind number 41 above the red cobbled driveway. Number 41 is on the left up the private road at the end of Mawson Street. Don't be out off by the private road sign. The private road incorporates a public right-of-way, owned by Hutt City Council, which extends up the right hand (south) side of the red cobbled driveway of number 41, leading directly to the bush track entrance. The entrance is now readily identifiable by an official "Hutt City" rectangular orange-coloured track marker. Once in the bush, the right-of-way continues up a narrow corridor, between the boundaries of 41 and 34 Mawson St, for about the first 70 metres. The boundary line of No 41 is clearly marked by three white boundary pegs on the uphill side of this corridor, one at the bush track entrance, the second about one third of the way up the corridor, and the last one close to the track just before it takes a sharp, brief change of direction up some rock steps. It is at this point that visitors enter the reserve proper. While it may look a straightforward way of reaching the bush entrance, do NOT go up the concrete driveway of No 34, as this does not in any way encroach on the legal public right-of-way. Visitors to the Reserve are advised not to take their vehicles up the private road - there is no provision there for public vehicle parking and very limited turning space. There is normally ample parking space available in the main part of Mawson Street. Visitors are also advised to keep their dogs under strict control, as neither of the adjoining properties are fenced on to the reserve and it is very easy for dogs to stray on to private land at this point. There have been issues with damage to gardens and fouling private property. Care should also be taken due to there being rat bait stations and possum traps on both private and reserve land.

Entry to the Reserve is also available off the surrounding firebreaks. The firebreak above the northern side of Te Whiti Park is easily accessed.









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