About the Club

The purpose of The Rover Car Club of Wellington is to provide a means for members to help each other in the maintenance, restoration and enjoyment of Rover vehicles.

The Rover Car Club of Wellington was founded in 1973, currently we have about 40 members. An Annual General Meeting is held, usually in June of each year, when members elect a Committee. We belong to the Association of Rover Car Clubs of New Zealand.

The Club offers the following facilities:

  • The Club Magazine, published approximately every three months, lists forthcoming events and contains general-interest ‘Rover’ material, advertisements for cars and parts, technical articles and records events in which Club members have participated.
  • Club ‘Model Representatives’, listed in the Magazine, are able to provide technical and spare parts advice, based on their own practical experience.
  • Visits to classic car related businesses, social events and rallies are held throughout the year, often in association with other car clubs. We are a long standing participant in the British Car Day held in February. A national Rover rally, is held annually around Easter time, hosted by a member of the Association of Rover Car Clubs of New Zealand.
  • Limited stocks of second-hand and new-old-stock spare parts are available for sale to members. Contact your Model Representative to enquire or to arrange a convenient time to collect (bring cash or cheque book!). We are keen to hear of any useful parts for sale.
  • The Club has a comprehensive Library of Workshop Manuals, Parts Lists and general Rover literature.
  • The Club has a number of specialist tools available for loan to members, for example ridge reamer, ball joint separator, rocker shaft extractor, suspension spring compressor, large trolley jack.
  • Regalia including enamelled badges, shirts, caps, hats and other items with the Rover emblem or our special Club Motif are frequently available.

Some businesses will give discounts on presentation of the Membership Card.